Michigan Residents' Perceptions About Access To and the Cost of Health Care


E.E. Onaga, J. Kayitsinga, F. Villarruel, and L. Bates

Document Id: LM-01

This study relies on data from the 2006 State of the State Survey (SOSS-43) in Michigan conducted by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University. The SOSS-43 is a random digit dialing (RDD) telephone survey of the Michigan adult population and was supplemented with a sample of Hispanics/Latinos in Michigan. The survey was conducted from Aug. 10 through Oct. 21 for the main portion of the survey and from Sept. 18 through Nov. 13 for the supplemental Hispanic/Latino sample. Using a stratified and disproportionate sampling design by regions of the state, 1563 interviews were completed.

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