North Lansing, Michigan: Profile of an Inner City


Marcelo E. Siles & Refugio I. Rochín

Document Id: CIFRAS-10

This report examines the characteristics of Latinos living in North Lansing and compares their socio-economic condition with Hispanics living in the Lansing Metropolitan Statistical Area. For purposes of comparison, we define the North Lansing area as bounded by the following: on the North by Grand River; on the East by Wood Road; on the South by Saginaw Highway; and on the West by ML King Boulevard. One area within Lansing, the North area, houses a relatively large proportion of Latinos; 16.7% as of the 1990 census. By comparison, the City of Lansing is 8% Latino overall. The Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of Lansing, including three counties (Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham) has 3.5% Hispanics in the region. As shown by the data for 1990, the basic statistics for income, educational attainment, poverty rates, housing conditions, and other traits are signs of relatively lower standards of living within North Lansing, compared to the general conditions of the Metropolitan Statistical Area. There are 2,900 Latinos living in the North Lansing area. In terms of origin, of the total population of Hispanics, Mexican origin residents constitute the majority or 83.5%, Caribbean-origin residents account for just 2.6%, South Americans 3.2%, and other Hispanics 10.7%. For the Lansing MSA, the proportion of Mexican origin persons is 76%, Puerto Ricans account for 4.7%, Cubans for 3.3%, Central and South Americans for 5%, and other Hispanics 10.8%

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