LATINOS 2025: A Needs Assessment of Latino Communities in Southeast Michigan

Rubén O. Martinez, Jean Kayitsinga, Pilar Horner, Daniel Vélez Ortiz

Jun. 2015

The objective of this report is to assess the well-being of Latinos in Michigan and Southeast Michigan by identifying community issues that impact their daily lives in comparison to other demographic groups. The report uses secondary sources and primary data collected through focus groups of young adults, adults, seniors, and local community and business leaders. The report addresses the following research questions: How does the well-being of the Latino population compare to other demographic groups? What are the critical needs that go unmet and lead to recommendations to address them in order to improve the well-being of Latinos in Southeast Michigan? The results show that Latinos contribute to the economy of Michigan as business owners and entrepreneurs, workers in agriculture, construction, services, and other sectors of the economy, and as consumers. However, Latinos also face social, economic, and political challenges. Focus groups of participants highlight various opportunities provided by industries and service organizations in Southeast Michigan, as well as challenges Latinos confront in their daily lives. The study provides several recommendation for improving the well-being of Latino communities in Southeast Michigan and throughout Michigan. That improvement, however, requires incorporating Latinos into community and societal institutions.

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