New Development in Mestizo Psychology: Theory, Research, and Application


Manuel Ramirez III

Document Id: OC-46

This paper considers the need for a Chicano/Mestizo Psychology. Specifically, this is due for three reasons: (a) mainstream psychology does not reflect the psychological reality of Latinos and other peoples of color; (b) mainstream psychology does not embody the spirit of the movement for social justice characterized by the African American, Chicano, and Native American-Indian civil rights movements; and (c) Mexican psychology and established Latin American psychology are not based on the socio-historical-political realities of Latinos in the Americas, but are mere translations of Anglo/Western European psychology from English into Spanish. This paper presents the historical origins, the tenets, and a summary of recent developments in Chicano/Mestizo psychology. It argues for the need to continue the struggle to ensure that a psychological science that is truly Mestizo and multicultural at its core continues to evolve and to survive.

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