Changing Paradigms in Chicano Studies: Ethnography, Oppositional Ethnography, and Ethnobiography


Rafael Chabran

Document Id: OC-31

This paper considers the ways in which Latina/o scholarship has changed the social science disciplines and provides an overview of some of the important contributions in terms of this research. More specifically, this paper examines several revisionist movements which stress the importance of ethnography and ethnographic approaches in Chicano Studies. To this end, the author provides a review of Chabram’s (1990) work on oppositional ethnography, Chabrán’s (1990; 1992) critical review of “rhetorical anthropology”, especially with respect to Rosaldo’s Culture and Truth (1986), and lastly, provides an overview of Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez’s (1996) most recent work, Border Visions.

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