Organizing for Survival: A Professor's Guide to Tenure and Increased Productivity


Refugio Rochin

Document Id: OC-27

This paper presents ways to endure adverse circumstances facing junior professors, especially those who are pre-tenure. Two brief expressions are offered as key to academic survival: first, “Get Organized” in terms of teaching, research and service, and second, “Know Your Academic Unit” well enough in order to put your priorities and promotion materials together in a way that add value. A list is provided of the most important areas for organization, divided into three categories: 1) Teaching, 2) Research and Creative Activity, and 3) Service. The paper also offers the following five factors to which attention should be given within the academic unit: 1) the need for academic socialization, 2) the role of mentoring and politicization, 3) strategic production of research, 4) collaborative peer review networks, and 5) monitoring performance measures and indicators.

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