Abigail Cardona is a Freshman at
Michigan State University and is
interested in Business Finance. She
was born in Lansing but relocated to
Texas and after High school she knew
she wanted to go back to Michigan State
University to do her undergraduate
studies. At only 3 years old, she was
already marching the steps of the Lansing
capital for Hispanic rights; she is not new
to helping raise awareness! For her 15th birthday she created
a fundraiser in lieu of birthday presents, where she collected
toys for Mayan children. While on her birthday cruise her and
her guests delivered these toys to Yucatan Mexico. Every year
since then, she is proud to keep fundraising to help get more
toys to Mayan villages. Abigail is looking forward to going to
Europe and Mexico next year so she can continue to learn about
different ways of life and hopes to find inspiration during her
travel on where to start another toy fundraiser. After graduation
she hopes to continue to travel and start her own business.


Jennifer Padilla, student Clerical
assistant, graduated with a Bachelors
in Interdisciplinary Studies and a
Minor in Chicano Latino Studies and
second minor in Theater. Padilla
hopes to work as a paralegal focusing
specifically on immigration issues.
For now, she is focusing on expanding
her lash business “Isashe”. She is
proud to be one of the few Latinas
in Flint, MI to operate a business. Through her business
packaging she spreads her culture and religion. Jennifer
worked at JSRI from October 2021 through July 2022.