Submissions – Funded 2010

Flora, C., & Flora, J. Co-P.I.s, subcontract from Aguirre Division of JBS International, Inc., 16, —Rural Development in Regions Heavily Impacted by Immigration,? submitted to USDA/CSREES, NRI Rural Development, ISU Share = $124,000, October 1, 2008-Sept. 30, 2010.; on December 16, 2009, requested increase in subcontract in amount of $34,956.

Greder, K. and Cook, C. (2010). —Interactions of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of rural Latino immigrants.? American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Ruth O'Brien Project Grant, (Principal Investigator). $6000 ($5,000 for research project, $1,000 for conference attendance).

Horner, P. (2010). —Latino Socio-cultural barriers to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment: An ethnographic case study?. Faculty Research and Teaching Innovation Summer Grants. School of Social Work. To support research endeavors and teaching innovations during the summer months. $1000.

Horner, P. (2010) —Oral history of Latinos/as in Michigan: The settling phases of Latino/a farmworkers in Lansing?. Provost's Undergraduate Research Initiative. Grant supports mentored undergraduate research in the social, economic, and behavioral sciences.

Gold, S. & Darden, J. (2009/2010). —Request for student workers to assist with a study of the impact of anti-affirmative action laws on minorities and women in Michigan and other states.? Provost's Undergraduate Research Engagement Program, College of Social Science. $4000.

Lewis, H., NCAT PI; John Baker, Jan Flora, and Andrew Larson, ISU, co-P.I.s, —Toward a New Homestead Act: Designing a Farmstead Transfer and Leasing Program for High-Value Farming and Farmstead Preservation,? Presented to Leopold Center, submitted Nov. 2009, Total requested $43,390 (ISU share $19, 698). FUNDED AT $32,000, ISU share $8,200, Feb. 2010-Jan. 2011.

Martinez, R. (2010). —Immigration Reform: implications for Farmers, Farm Workers and Communities.? North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD), Michigan State University. Grant supported a.) support for the Washington, D.C. Changing Face conference b) presentations at the 2010 Cambio de Colores conference in St. Louis, MO; c) publication of 4 issues of the Rural Migration News (hard copy and on-line newsletter) with a section devoted to the Midwest immigrant issues; d) scholarly papers/informational briefs relating to the North Central region of the US. $17,973.

Martinez, R. (2009/2010). —Transnational Labor across the Americas.? Creating Inclusive Excellence Grant (CIEG) from the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, Michigan State University. Grant supported symposium series on transnational labor issues in the Americas that brought internationally and nationally known scholars to speak to faculty and students. $17,800.

Proposal Submissions — Not Funded

Flora, J and C. Flora, —Involving New Immigrant and Minority Producers in Local Food Systems,? pre-proposal submitted to North Central Sustainable Agriculture, Research, and Extension (NC_SARE), 8/15/2011-8/14/2014, $193,717 requested.

Horner, P. (2010). Latino socio-cultural barriers to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment: An ethnographic case study. Proposal submitted to the College of Social Science Faculty Initiative Fund. $18,000 requested.

Martinez, R., & Velez Ortiz, D. (2010, May). Improving communications about end-of-life decisions among Latino older adults in the Midwestern states. Letter of Inquiry submitted to the AETNA Foundation. $149,988 requested.

Martinez, R., Horner, P., & Velez Ortiz, D. (2010). Proposal to evaluate the Latino Nonprofit Leadership Academies by The Center for Leadership Innovation (TCLI). Proposal submitted to TCLI, Ellicott City, MD. $119,000 requested.

Wood, S. D., KSU; Jan Flora, ISU; Kimberly Greder ISU; and Gerad Middendorf. (2010). —A Pilot Study of Community Needs and Solutions to Food Deserts in Midwestern Rural and Urban Communities,? North Central Regional Center for Rural Development Small Grants Program, July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011, $18,037 requested (ISU Subcontract = $8,696).

Submissions — Pending

Gonzales, S. M. (2010) proposal for the creation of a —Center for the Study of Latinos in Health and Human Services? to prepare professionals for careers in Latino Health and Human Services and help to eradicate health disparities in Latino populations. $562,000 requested.

Horner, P. (2010) Managerial capacity with Latino substance abuse providers. Grant proposal submitted to Michigan Applied Public Policy Research (MAPPR).

Rodriguez, A. (2010). Enhancing the competitiveness of Latino businesses in Idaho: Better businesses create better jobs. Proposal submitted with the collaborators of the Latino Economic Development Center for possible selection by the CDS for the 2011 special issue.